Our product range includes mobile phones of all major manufacturers, tablets and notebooks.

In the mobile communication hardware sector, we have more than 150 mobile phones models in different variations at our disposal. This enables us to react quickly to your needs. If you’re looking for anything related to mobile phones then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a great range of leading brand new sim free handsets at very competitive prices

Our team of experts can provide the right solution for you.

Syncing calendars, annotating documents, and taking notes are all possibilities on a mobile phone or tablet, making it arguably the ultimate tool for mobile working.

To help you pick the right one for your enterprise needs our team can help guide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Mobiles and Tablets offer a workforce with more fluidity and ease of use. Touchscreen devices are great to use in tight spaces, such as the cramped rush hour commute, and the capabilities are improving every year with manufacturers adding neat business apps to make it easier to work outside of the office.


We want to take the burden off you and provide IT product solutions that are custom tailored to best fit the needs of your business. Our team at Sawi Tech is made up of hardware specialists.

They bring their expert skills together to understand how to best navigate and leverage vendor programs to work as part of YOUR team to make IT work for you and ensure the best interest of your strategic needs.

If you would like one of our specialists to get in touch with you please fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.