We are a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology solutions for global organisations of all sizes. From developing unique strategies to delivering the products, services and expertise, we’ll help your business run more efficiently and modernise through Intelligent Technology.

Our IT products are helping our national healthcare service achieve their digital transformation and we help Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare, Education and Police organisations with everything from Chromebooks to tower PC’s and iMac’s and Macbooks.

Our team of experts can provide the right solution for you.

Our product range includes everything from the stunning iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface Pro to the most stylish laptops ever produced by the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and many more.

Whatever you’re looking for in a new business laptop or tablet the team here at SawiTech are on-hand to help you make an informed decision on your purchase. From complete office refurbishments to individual laptops or Chromebooks, we can help you to pick out the most suitable makes and models for you and your budget.

So regardless of whether you’re a fan of Windows or Apple iOS, Microsoft or Lenovo, our team of experts will help you to choose the device that meets the needs of your business. We’ll source the best suppliers to ensure you get the best possible price Guaranteed!


We want to take the burden off you and provide IT product solutions that are custom tailored to best fit the needs of your business. Our team at Sawi Tech is made up of hardware specialists.

They bring their expert skills together to understand how to best navigate and leverage vendor programs to work as part of YOUR team to make IT work for you and ensure the best interest of your strategic needs.

If you would like one of our specialists to get in touch with you please fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.